Best Pushchair to Push While Carrying the Supposed Occupant

You know the drill. Push the pushchair and carry the kid. What’s the point? Well you can store stuff in the pushchair while you’re carrying the kid. What stuff? Well, stuff that you’ll need because you’re venturing further afield than is safe for a quick nip back home to change a nappy or have some grub. But wait a sec – if you’re carrying the kid, you’re not going far because he’s getting very heavy and he leans away from you and twists and turns to look at diggers and dogs and motorbikes and ambulance and fire engines and cats and cars and there are loads of all these things in the city where you live. So if you’re carrying the kid, leave the pushchair at home. Except it’s not that simple because you don’t know you’ll be carrying him until seconds after you’ve left at which point you can’t be bothered to go back and ditch the pushchair. Except you do know, of course you know, because it happens every fucking time! So you’ve got the boy and you’ve got a pushchair but which pushchair? Well personally I like something light and manoeuvrable as I shall be mostly pushing it with abdominal thrusts tempered with the odd kick as I shift child from numbing arm to numbing arm and for these reasons I wholeheartedly recommend the BABYZEN YOYO (crap website amazing pushchair). Let me be clear. I never gave a flying fuck about pushchairs or any of that baby gear until we got this. We got it at a time when we had been having lots of problems travelling with our existing pushy C due to its size and uncompact foldability versus modern rental cars’ shitty boot space. And when we got it, life changed. Not in a found god way exactly but there was definitely a shift of sorts. I was happy to use this one. It was zippy and nifty and looked cool and best of all it folded up so small that it fits in hand luggage on a plane and under your arm and in the car and not just in the boot. Now we’ve got baby M the YOYO has even gone up another notch with the pram and YOYO board attachments meaning the boys can ride together. Now this is really living. Get one! Peace.

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