Dad Jokes

A quick one about Dad jokes

I was excitedly modern chatting (whatsapp messaging) with my brother in law the other day as I had just made up a pretty great joke (below) that required a working knowledge of French to fully appreciate (cultured bastard you are thinking) – which my brother in law possesses. Well, after reading it he sent a warning triangle emoticon and “Dad joke warning!!!” back, and of course he was right. Which led us to talk a bit more about how dad jokes are simply a product of becoming a dad and just not really giving a shit what people think anymore. So in that way the telling of dad jokes is actually a lovely thing to be celebrated and a sign that you are at peace with yourself and your position in the universe; and hopefully your wife.

Life goes a bit like this:

  • Question: What did the Frenchman say when he sat on a cassoulet?
  • Answer: Ce n’est pas confit!
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