Bitey McBiteface

When I went to pick S up from his nursery yesterday the girls who work there pulled me aside and explained that someone had *bitten him on the arm but because I didn’t quite understand what they were saying I nodded and said yes and no and todo bien con S etc. Then S trotted up and gave me a hug and said ‘S cwyin. Bam,’ and showed me his right forearm which had a neat red bite mark on it. Oh no I said and what happened etc. and S explained that ‘T Bam arm. S cry. Bam. T eat S arm.’

Well as you can imagine I was most unhappy to learn of this young hooligan (a 1 year old boy) and his violent behaviour and I used my amazing language skills to convey this to the girls. Blank faces. They explained further and among the few words I understood was another name for the culprit and it was a girl’s name and it started with O which completely contradicted S’s story. It turns out that T and O are brother and sister and are twins and because they are only one year old, they look very similar/the same. So it was O after all who bit our boy following an altercation over a toy. Clever little thing using her brother as scapegoat. Well they say that girls mature faster than boys.

*Is it still a bite when the biter only has 4 teeth? The mark on S’s arm says yes.

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